15 September 2013

NARS sheer glow...The search is over! I've found my BFF :)

Well... hello again! Hope you are great and enjoying life. Today I'm stopping by to say that all the hard work trying to find the perfect foundation/shade is over! After years of search and wasted money, I've finally found the perfect foundation. I'm not the kind of person that follows the hype but one thing is for sure, sometimes you gotta listen to the people!! I'm brazilian/italian and my skin is very yellow and trying to find a nice and not so expensive foundation, be it of a very well known brand or your pharmacy brands, most of them are of a very pinkish undertone and those leave people like me with a pink mask where a nice complexion should be, so I've decided to buy one not so cheap but not that expensive either. NARS it is! I've tried some MAC before, powder, liquid and cream but none of them were great for my skin. Usually, I'm NC20-25 and living in Ireland, you cant expect going over it during summer time anyways so I don't change that much between seasons. MAC has parabens which is one of things that I just avoid as much as I can, specially if it's a product that goes straight onto my skin. Unless NARS's found a different word  for "paraben" then, this one has none :)

It says SHEER glow, which made me think since I'm combination skin but it does not leave your skin shiny or oily in any way, it also says it's for dry skin but it shows a little on dry/patchy areas so be sure to scrub those bits.

Overall, I'm very happy with the finish and the shade matches my neck! hahahaha yellow it is :)
It could be different for you but for me, it will be my foundation till i come across a better one :)

Hope you have a marvelous week and let me know your thoughts about NARS or any other yellow undertone foundation you've tried.

On NARS online shop, you'd pay more or less 40 euro for a 30ml bottle but I bought mine on ASOS which is cheaper and I got an extra 10% off and free delivery!

Take care and thanks for stopping by ;)

                                                    Nars sheer glow in Ceylan

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