24 April 2014

Levitation Photo shoot! With Petra O. ;)

Hiya, everyone! How are you all? That was a fun shoot with Petra O.  She was great and very flexible! :P  Let us know what you think and like if you like ;)

Till next time... Laters

Model: Petra O.
Photographer: Donal Hackett from Photo Creation
MakeUp/Styling by Me, Adriana Ricci

17 April 2014

Photo shoot with Marta!! Confidence is everything...

Photo shoot with Marti Saj

Hi Everyone, how are you all? Hope you have a great Easter weekend... 
This is another shoot with Marta... She knows her stuff and I absolutely love working with her! Few shots were taken outdoors, on a busy street, she wasn't sure for about 5 seconds, then her jacket came off and the street became her catwalk! 

Till next time. Laters ;)

Photographer: Donal Hackett
MakeUp and Styling by me, Adriana Ricci.

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12 April 2014

Bridal look and the importance of a trial!!

Bridal trial with Roisin :)

                 Hi Everyone, how are you all today?     Happy weekend!!
This was last week' bridal trial, very simple and the point of a bridal look... soft and elegant. Roisin posed for us and Donal Hackett was behind the lenses.  The importance of a bridal trial or any important event trial? I will tell ya! 
Roisin had a nasty allergic reaction to the primer most people say it is THE BEST thing ever! Not everything suits everyone and something simple like that could've ruined your day or your client's day and the reaction itself is quite scary. She didn't know she was allergic to any cosmetic, specially when the brand is very well known by all!! Anyways, We had a great day shooting and she looks very pretty! 
  Take care you all... Laters

10 April 2014

Buying online and the fun of it!

  Ohhhh! It matches perfectly!!! 
Does it really?? 

          Buying online and the fun of it :)

Hiya everyone! Hope you are great :)  So today I've decided to do something different... instead of posting my work, I will post "the works" of finding the right foundation for my own self! Some time ago I posted on here something saying that I'd found my true friend, NARS SHEER GLOW but have I really?
My problem? I live far far away from the nearest Brown Thomas, I've asked many companies if they sell or would send me samples of their foundations but no success!  It would be ideal,  really,  since you can buy anything online these days! Only ELLIS FAAS( Fabulous by the way!)  and MAKE UP ATELIER PARIS (in Ireland) were kind enough to send me samples of their most yellow undertone ones. But anyways... here is the thing... I'm very sallow, very yellow and most of the your local foundations are mostly pink undertone so I rely on google to find something similar to my skin tone. I always check online for pictures and swatches of makeup before I click on the "basket" button but how wrong could you be by doing such thing?

So here are few pictures of some of my foundations that look kinda yellow but not really! (I may need a second round on this one, YES, I've done it more than once!)

So I've decide to do something similar to what I've seen online so far, few swatches and pictures of same (low and high end brands) taken with flash and outdoor (in my case just indoors but with some sunlight)  As you will see very soon, the difference is huge! And that's pretty much my point with this post... If you can, try it before you buy it!! Just because something looks lovely on someones's skin, it doesn't mean it will work for you. Most foundations will oxidize on oily skin or flake on dry ones or go completely bonkers altogether! In my case, MAC is not the best!

With flash

Natural light

Natural light

After few minutes on my skin, most swatches changed color (besides NARS and YABY) and I dont know for the life of me explain what happened to Bourjois Bio there. It turned into a flacky something in just 10 minutes!

So there you go, if this post helped anyone or if you would like to leave me a comment please do. I want to know what you guys think... and I've plenty more in my kit if you guys want to see few more swatches.

Thank you so much for stopping by and talk soon... till then... Laters ;)


(I've bought all of the above and loads more so... my money, my opinion!)