12 April 2014

Bridal look and the importance of a trial!!

Bridal trial with Roisin :)

                 Hi Everyone, how are you all today?     Happy weekend!!
This was last week' bridal trial, very simple and the point of a bridal look... soft and elegant. Roisin posed for us and Donal Hackett was behind the lenses.  The importance of a bridal trial or any important event trial? I will tell ya! 
Roisin had a nasty allergic reaction to the primer most people say it is THE BEST thing ever! Not everything suits everyone and something simple like that could've ruined your day or your client's day and the reaction itself is quite scary. She didn't know she was allergic to any cosmetic, specially when the brand is very well known by all!! Anyways, We had a great day shooting and she looks very pretty! 
  Take care you all... Laters

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