19 June 2014

Mad Queen! With Emma and Donal.

Hiya guys, how are you all? Summer is almost here! Hope you are enjoying some of it... That was a shoot that I've been planning for over 3 years! I can say all the hard work styling my Mad Queen was worth it. That wee hat was made in May 2013 and it's been waiting for the right head to be on! I give you my Mad Queen! It was a lovely sunny day in Sligo till the coldest of all queens stepped in ... Hope you like it ;) Till next time, Laters.

Model: Emma Carr
Photographer: Donal Hackett - Photo Creation Stuff
MakeUp/Hair/Nail art/Styling by me, Adriana Ricci
and Ecco (the puppy!)

TheBalm cosmetics/Sleek make up/ Eyeko/ Mac and W7 cosmetics

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